About us

Company Profile

Shinom Cosmeceuticals has work over the years; with the constant efforts and breakthrough in the dermatology sector today the company is recognized as a complete revolution in hair and skincare domain. Our success can be measured with the significant growth in the market as we target the demand for effective, quality, safe and affordable invasive treatment.

In order to provide scientifically advanced product range, best services to the clients and associates, innovative products which are in demand, Shinom Cosmeceutical has created unmatched patient outcomes. We practice value which is sustainable; we are eco-ethical Company and understand our responsibility towards environment and animals as well.

Our Company provides the medicine range which cover the skin issues like Acne, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, insect bite, Fungal infection, Sun Burn, Hair loss, Vitilogy, Melasma, Psoriasis and much more. Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities and a team of exceptionally well and highly qualified experts makes it possible for us to deliver our customers as well as our business associates with the best and fulfill their unmet needs.

The Derma product portfolio includes the several ranges of medicine like Ointment & Gels, Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos, Face Washes, Conditioners & Hand washes, Dusting Powders etc which meet the highest quality standards. We keep on enhancing our product list by adding new product according to market requirements.

Our Quality

Quality of each and every product is tested by the quality management team at Shinom Cosmeceuticals. All the manufacturing take place in fully integrated WHO, GMP and ISO certified production plant. Right from procurement of raw materials till the delivery of medicine, we keep good attention to the quality of medicine. We work keeping in mind about all the norms and regulation along with our responsibility towards the environment.

Our Vision/Mission

Shinom Cosmeceuticals is working with the vision of becoming a technology-based Indian Cosmeceuticals company & to emerge out as a strong player in the domestic & international market. ‘Excellence in Dermatology’ is what we want to achieve. Our Mission is to enhance the leadership in dermatology and progress in patient care through research, quality, and advocacy.


Shinom cosmeceuticals offer the plethora of skin care and hair care products for PCD and Franchise in all vacant locations across the country. Our products are designed to meet the needs of dermatology patients and physicians. We provide our clients and associates with an impeccable marketing support. Shinom Cosmeceutical products are endorsed by Dermatologists across the country. Our vacant locations are filling up fast.

Shinom Cosmeceuticals Works on The Values

What makes us reliable among the patients and dermatology is how we conduct our work. Our values are our driving force behind continues growth. Following are the values in all its programs and initiatives:

Patients are Priority – In order to deliver the excellent range of medicine which could meet the requirements of patients, we first have to listen and understand patients. Thus, we ensure to understand what is required in the market and then work on our ability to facilitate access to dermatologic care and provide them with quality medicine.

Promote Creative Work – Here we constantly evaluate our work in terms of innovation, creativity, critical evaluation and a lot more.

Defining Diversity – Ideas are always welcomed and this helps us with the diversity. We acknowledge, respecting and valuing differences result of which is great ideas and diverse product range.

Social responsibility – Good for all is achieved by being responsible with the power. Ethically approach, transparency, leadership, and volunteerism are reflected our contribution towards the public health.

Professional Approach – Code of clinical and ethical standards are something which cannot be compromised at Shinom Cosmeceuticals. Honesty, dedication, integrity and responsibility and mutual respect are standards at this company.